Our Philosophy

Our investment management philosophy is predicated upon the theory that 90% of your investment success is derived from superior portfolio diversification. The foundation of our investment management approach is Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT). MPT is a Nobel Prize winning economic model created in 1990 by Harry Markowitz and William Sharpe. Our team uses MPT to determine the suitability of an individual asset within a client’s unique portfolio. WMS uses this analytical approach to remove subjective guesswork from selecting the “right” investment and entry point. Your portfolio is structured according to your investment needs and risk tolerance and focuses on different market segments.

Our equity approach is predicated on continued research and input from several economic analysts and tracking substantial market data. WMS believes in leveraging the expertise of various economists to provide a more comprehensive view of the market on current economic conditions. By leveraging experts focuses on particular categories or sectors, WMS believes we are able to build more efficient portfolios to help clients meet their goals and objectives.

WMS also understands that maximizing our value to our clients is critical. In that, we understand and focus on being the financial resource our clients need and desire. Our services go beyond simply measuring returns, as having a Financial Advisor means having a Financial Advocate to assist you with all of your financial decisions. We are proud that our assistance doesn’t stop when the market is closed.

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