Successful Retirement plans need a team of experienced financial advisors behind them. These experienced advisors should be people you can trust.

Our Philosophy 

As a Family owned Investment Firm, we are not only your Financial Advisor but your Financial Advocate. At WMS, we meet our customer needs through applying risk-return analysis to build an efficient portfolio that is intended to meet your goals and objectives. Our philosophy is based on a combination of modern portfolio theory, the endowment model (both studied at all major universities) and key economists’ expertise. Then, we actively manage your assets looking for efficient ways to add value. Our assistance doesn’t stop when the market is closed.

Our Difference

What sets WMS apart is our focus on our clients overall picture and our unique ability to find alternative solutions to clients needs, goals and objectives. For over 2 decades, WMS has been a leader in Alternative Investments and Strategies. This focus on non-standard Solutions and Investments has made WMS one of the leading firms providing 1031 exchange services. Other types of non-standard Alternative Investments include Income Focused Annuities, Real Estate offerings with Conservation Easement, and Structured Fixed Income funds. It is our ability to understand and apply these alternatives for the benefit to help our clients.

  • Financial Planning

    • Coordination of Professionals
    • Retirement Planning and Execution
    • Risk Management and Estate Planning
  • Focus on Reduced Risk and Income

    • Lifetime Income Options
    • Income Benefits
    • Market Upside Participation with Protected Income Values
    • Structured product / Fix Income Alternatives
  • Real Estate Investment Experienced

    • Development and Preferred Funds
    • Real Estate Investment Trusts
    • Interval Real Estate and Credit Funds
    • Experience with all Asset Classes
  • Tax Advantaged Investments

    • Coordination with Tax Professionals
    • Tax Reduction Strategies
    • Real Estate offerings with Conservation Easement option
    • 1031 Exchanges