About S.O.S.

Second Opinion Services - Save Our Stocks  

What is SOS?

WMS understands that everyone has very different needs and comfort levels. Therefore, we have established SOS to help provide limited services based on specific needs.  In this effort, the scope of work can be limited to the services you desire. In essence, this is a way to "test drive" WMS services without having to make the long-term committment before you are ready. Some examples of how SOS may be beneficial to you. 


  • Review Portfolio Investments for a Second Opinion 
  • Help you determine if you can retire and when.
  • Help prepare a Retirement plan.
  • Review Insurance coverage to determine over/under insurance 
  • Review expense and budget projections.
  • Discuss a specific Investment Opportunity
  • Discussion of strategies and expectation of the marketplace.

The list above is simply a sample of things SOS can cover. Click the "Contact Us" button below to reach out to us and discuss how we can best service your specific needs.